1,000 one day at a times

Not long ago I passed a milestone: 1,000 days sober. I’m proud of that accomplishment. Best 1,000 days of my life. By a long shot.

At the same time, I still feel like I’m a baby in sobriety. I spent more than 8,000 in active alcoholism. That’s sobering. My 1,000 days is a small fraction of my lifetime of drunkenness.

It’s another paradox of the program: time both matters a lot and is meaningless at the same time.

I’ve certainly accomplished something that I’m proud of. I’ve seen the the promises come true in my life in their own way and to varying degrees. I’ve won for the last 1,000 days and everyone around me has won with me.

At the same time I wake up each day with only that day. Regardless of what happened yesterday and what will happen tomorrow, today is my focus. Today is the day to use as I will. For good or bad.

Today is the gift.

String together enough todays and I’ll get to 8,000 and beyond. One at a time.

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