The Power of The Circle

My AA home group is a 7am meeting in a local church that meets Monday-Friday.

I’m generally there 2-3 times a week. In the summer, when my kids are out of school, or around holidays and other times when mornings are less hectic, I’m there every day.

I’m often late.

I’m a creature of habit. I walk in, grab coffee, black, and take a seat around the circle. I tend to favor the north side of the room or the east. But I’ll sit anywhere around the circle.

Our meeting is a mix of speakers, steps, readings, and anniversaries. At 7:30, the basket is passed and we give our donations as we desire. I head out to the kitchen for my second cup of coffee around then. I try to do dishes after the meeting if I don’t need to rush to something else, which is about half of the time.

Get to meeting. Coffee. Listen. Share. Grab my 2nd cup of coffee. Listen more. Do dishes. Repeat.

One of my employees has asked me why I still go. She can’t understand why, after a few years of sobriety, I still go to meetings.

It’s very easy to explain: there is power in the circle. The circle holds hope. The circle is powerful.

The circle is a cauldron of healing. We come to the circle with whatever we have. We come as we are.

Sometimes, we come with brokenness and pain. Around the circle, we share the brokenness and pain. The circle can handle the brokenness and pain. The circle provides healing for the brokenness and pain.

Sometimes, we come with joy and happiness. Around the circle we celebrate the joy and happiness. The circle reminds us that joy and happiness are available for those who follow the narrow road to recovery.

The circle is mysterious and magical. The sunlight of the Spirit is in the circle.

The circle is what AA is all about.

Join the circle. As we trudge the road to happy destiny.

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